The Pathetic Triathletes web page is the companion website to the internationally famous (and occasionally infamous) Pathetic Triathletes Facebook group. We currently count 55,000 members (and growing like a tapering triathlete’s emotions) all pathetically addicted to the sport of Triathlon.

One of our goals is to act as a database for the myriad of topics discussed within the Facebook group. From fogging goggles, to newbie questions, to best under carriage cream. We will store them all here for your reading pleasure.

Our second goal is to provide a little entertainment along the way. I mean what can happen when one million triathletes worldwide train and race? The answer is you wouldn’t believe it. (I mean there are things you just can't unsee).

So, whether you’re a newbie, an age grouper, professional or a person with odd voyeuristic tendencies; hop on board the Pathetic train. I promise it’s going to be a helluva ride!

Any comments? We occasionally check